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The Bush administration's perfect record
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After 6+ years, it's not too early to predict that the Bush administration will be the first administration in American history with a perfect record.

What do I mean by a perfect record?

Every administration so far has had a mixed record. Some things to benefit Americans, and some things for their own self interests. Take Nixon, for instance. He started the EPA, which was good, but he prolonged the Vietnam War and did all those illegal things, which was bad. A mixed record. Same thing with Lyndon Johnson -- all of those great social programs, but also escalating the Vietnam War. Some presidents have hired relatives, given ambassadorships to big contributors, rewarded other contributors with favorable legislation, or catered to some special-interest group. But there's usually some good to balance these things out.

Until now.

The Bush administration is on track finish out two complete terms without having done a single thing to benefit the American people. Not one thing. An astounding record. Every single initiative by the administration has been some sort of hoax or scam, designed to benefit someone besides us citizens. And yet, every scheme was "sold" by the administration as something that would bring great benefits if enacted.

In addition, while most presidents have made some sort of an effort to participate in the global community, the Bush administration has a perfect record here as well, having done not a single thing to benefit the world in general.

But wait, there's more.

It wouldn't be so bad if that were all that there was to this, just a lack of good things to help people. The problem is that each of these schemes has caused some sort of harm.

I'll have lots more to say about this issue in the future, but for now it's just enough to contemplate the stunning record of the Bush administration. If you can think of something that Bush has done to benefit America or the world, please leave a comment. (The National Do-Not-Call phone list doesn't count, as it wasn't a Bush initiative.)

Today's advice: Stay off of the critical path. You might run into a critic.
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